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New director Shourie Chandrasekhar Ramesh helms ButtaBomma, starring Anikha Surendran, Surya Vashistta, and Arjun Das. Vishwak Sen released the official trailer for the movie. The trailer is immediately eye-catching thanks to the cinematography by Vamsi Patchipulusu and the dialogue by Ganesh Kumar Ravuri. Butta Bomma, a film produced by Naga Vamsi and Sai Soujanya, will premiere on February 4, 2023.

Buttabomma Movie Trailer

The one-minute thirty-seven seconds showcases the lifestyle of people in a small village near Aakaru valley. A teenager named Satya( Anikha Surendran) is showcased as a cute girl who has a friendly bonding with Surya Vashistta, an autorickshaw driver. After showcasing a few adorable scenes involving, Arjun Das’ character enters the scene as an aggressive guy. What does he want? Which circumstances lead him to lock horns with Surya? Why does Arjun Das’s role land in the village? How will the conflict between Arjun Das and Surya Vashistta affect the life of Satya, expected to be key crux. In an overview, Butta Bomma’s trailer is impressive and has a freshness in it Anikha Surendran is captivating on screen as the lead actress. On the other hand, Arjun Das is impressive in the negatively shaded character.

Movie Story

Satya (Anikha Surendran) is a younger woman who lives in Araku together along with her parents. Satya assists her mom in reaching tailoring orders. When her mom asks her to touch a client, the daughter dials Murali`s (Surya Vashistta) wide variety via way of means of accident. Satya is interested in his voice, and as their conversations grow to be extra frequent, she falls in love with Murali, an car driver. They make the choice to fulfill in Vishakapatnam. When a mysterious guy named RK (Arjun Das) walks into their lives, chaos ensues.

ButtaBomma Full Movie Download

Sitara entertainment gives blockbusters with small movies and newcomers. Already they proved with DJ Tillu, now the attempt with Buttabomma movie. The cast of heroin is already known to the movie audience. How she entertained her character with her previous movies. Now she debut with Buttabomma movie to Telugu audience. Wish and bless the team of Buttabomma. Don’t use piracy to watch Buttabomma movie. We recommend the audience to watch Butttabomma full movie in theatres for the great quality of the movie with experience of theatre sound effects.

Review of Buttabomma Movie

Malayalam movies are sluggish-phased movies. When it involves Telugu, this sluggish section will now no longer work. Kappela turned into one Malayalam movie which received fantastic evaluations at some stage in the time of the pandemic thru OTT watch. But for Theatre watch, Kappela is probably a run of the mill movie with a great message. Telugu director Shouree Chandrashekhar T Ramesh would possibly have driven the movie speedy in preference to following the equal sluggish section. The movie offers with romance and human trafficking. Tension conjures up emotion withinside the 2d half. Rather than very small modifications the whole lot turned into a replica of an authentic version. In Malayalam, the movie is from Wayand`s history and in Telugu tale begins offevolved at Araku.

Besides Anikha, Surya Vashistta additionally plays very well. His individual has extraordinary sun sunglasses and he portrays them very well. Though it`s his debut movie, possible surprise that he’s an skilled actor after looking his overall performance.

Director has picked up a robust casting for this movie. Anikha Surendran turned into the exceptional together along with her overall performance as a teenage girl, who doesn`t have many hopes in preference to shopping for a smartphone. She has performed her activity excellently. Surya Vashishta is an car motive force and short-tempered. Arjun Das as RK and Navya Swamy did their exceptional with their overall performance. But the sluggish drama assessments our patience. While exposing a message on human trafficking, the movie ought to be gripping and racy. But Butta Bomma haa extra drama and is in the main boring. Cinematographer Vamshi Patchipulusu is impressive. Araku has been shot superbly and the songs are okay.

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