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Konda is a Telugu Biographical drama movie. Ram Gopal Varma is the director of the movie. Thrigun A, Irra Mor, Prudhvi Raj, Prashant Karthi, Parvathi Arun are playing lead roles. Konda Sushmitha Patel is the producer of the movie. DSR Balaji is working as a music composer and Cinematographer is Malharbhatt Joshi. The movie released on 23rd June 2022. Here get the details about Konda full movie download.

Konda Movie Trailer

Konda, an action-biography drama directed by controversial brave director Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV, narrates the story of real-life political couple Konda Murali and Surekha. Murali is a youngster with loyalty, commitment, and values. In the face of injustice, he doesn’t hold back and gives it back in full.

Movie Story

The Konda movie is based in Telangana and is about Konda is a hot-headed youth. He has revolutionary ideologies and seeing this, RK encourages him and gets him to join the Naxal backdrop. Seeing Konda’s fearsome attitude and strength, Nalla Sudhakar invites him to join his party. Konda joins him but does not know that Sudhakar is using him as a pawn. He stays away and this does not go well with Nalla Sudhakar who plans his assassination. How will Konda escape the death trap? What is his real intention? What did he do in his political career is the rest of the story.

Adding to it, the way RGV addressed Konda Murali’s family-related issues are not showcased with proper detailing. Moreover, the film’s narrative remains us of RGV’s previous works and diluted interest.

Konda Full Movie Download

Konda Movie is now entertaining in theatres. The movie completely biographical movie about Konda Murali and Surekha. The movie explores the ideologies and activities of earlier in politics. Definitely, Ram Gopal Varma directed innovatively and exposes his life story in a beautiful way. So we suggest movie audiences any kind of movie watching only in legal ways.  Watch Konda’s movie on legal platforms.

Movie Review

Konda Murali portrayed as an angry young man who takes on wrongdoers and beats them to a pulp. It does not take long before Surekha takes a shine to him, thanks to his machismo on campus. In RGV’s world of Konda, there is very little room for characters without spunk. As Surekha, Irra Mor wears her heart on her sleeve, be it in a college fest or thereafter when she manoeuvers Murali out of tricky situations. Tulasi as Murali’s mother is made to act in a peculiar manner. In an early scene, she asks Murali to leave behind his cinematic anger. How does one define her anger though? Rather than coming across as a courageous mother, she is made to act like she is part of a horror story in which you cannot guess her next move.

When it comes to the Konda biopic for the most part the first part seems to lay a big platform for fiction and glamor elements away from the facts. The feeling that something is going to happen until the interval. Interest in the film grows with the interval episode. The scenes for the longer Naxalites look very poor. It is clear that Varma is not aware of the topic.

Ram Gopal Varma who has a separate base fan among the audience is the director of this biographical drama. His idea of making a film on Konda Murali and his wife Surekha is good but the narrative is not up to the mark. Though RGV tried to narrate the film with a realistic texture, his old-age execution and outdated screenplay come as major demerits to the movie.

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