Raja Vikramarka Full Movie Download In Online

Raja Vikramarka Movie

Raja Vikramarka movie is an action drama film was directed by Sri Saripalli. The film stars Karthikeyan and Tanya Ravichandran in the lead roles. Music by Prashant R Vihari, cinematography by PC Mouli and editing by Jeswin Prabhu. The film was produced by 88 Ramareddy through the banner of Sri Chitra film Makers. Here get the details about Raja Vikramarka Full Movie Download.

Trailer Details:

The movie trailer has released by Natural star Nani on her Twitter page. In the trailer, Karthikeyan appears as an undercover officer and Karthikeyan in a fun and action avatar. The trailer is packed with action and entertainment but looks like a lot of funny scenes. We can see Karthikeyan in very funny situations. The trailer has released on the Saregama Telugu YouTube channel and received 4.7 million views in 10 days.

Movie Story:

The National Investigation Agency Team Leading Officer and Vikram perform as a Gummakonda Karthikeya are his new team members. Saikumar works as an undercover security officer at home with the Home Minister. In that sequence, Vikram falls in love with Home Minister’s daughter Kanti as Tanya. Vikram attacks the terrorists who want to create havoc in Hyderabad, but he takes half the details about the plan and kills the terrorist.

Raja Vikramarka Full Movie Download In Online

Raja Vikramarka’s movie leaked on piracy-based websites Moverulz, Tamilrockers, Telegram, and other websites. You should not watch movies on these piracy websites. It is punishable under its law. We request that you watch movies only in theaters and on digital OTT platforms. Raja Vikramarka has released in theaters on November 12, 2021.

Movie Review:

After the hero entry in this movie .. he becomes the first staff in the work of taking other characters into the original story. The original story is in the second half. With that, the kick did not come at the level expected by the audience who wanted the twists. In the second half, Sudhakar showed the role of a coma player as a further elevation and it would have been better if he had collided with the hero. Director Saripalli was not successful in creating drama by showing the film as gripping.

The story may have turned out to be a bit interesting. Is it that easy to attack the Home Minister? Doubts on the track loved by the Home Minister’s daughter .. not interesting. PC Mouli tried to bring richness to the scenes with cinematography. Production values are good. The songs are not impressive in Prashant Vihari music. The background music is just fine.

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