The Lasting Influence That Casino-themed Songs Has on Gambling

Music is a universal art form that can speak to us, make us want to sing, and can dictate our mood. Artists and bands draw inspiration from many themes, such as love, friendship, loneliness, joy, and social issues. As a result, almost anything can trigger songwriters’ creativity, and one of those themes is casino.

Whether in the form of a romantic ballad, country music, or a rock song, gambling-inspired themes are recurrent in the music industry. Some of the most successful songs featuring this theme hint at specific games, such as poker, blackjack, or craps. Many also refer to the iconic city of Las Vegas, known as the capital of gambling.

Casino-themed Songs

In this article, we will list our favorite musical hits inspired by casinos and gambling.

Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley

One of Elvis Presley’s most iconic songs, “Viva Las Vegas” was originally written for the 1964 film of the same name. Today, when we think of Las Vegas, it’s difficult not to associate the city with this song. The song was a major hit even back in the day, ranking 29th in the top 100 most played songs of the 1960s. In recent years, the song has been covered by numerous artists, such as The Killers and The Blues Brothers, for example. 

Known worldwide, this tune celebrates the charm of Las Vegas casinos, featuring mentions of blackjack, poker, and roulette. It pays homage to the feeling that gamblers experience while playing, and the city itself.

Of course, since the 1960s and the writing of the song, the world of gambling has expanded exponentially. With the rise of online casinos, those same games Elvis refers to have met endless possibilities, allowing players to enjoy immersive titles from the comfort of their homes. For instance, platforms such as Genesis Casino online offer a variety of entertainment such as themed slots inspired by famous movies, artists, and even Elvis Presley himself.

Sin City by AC/DC

The Australian band AC/DC has also surrendered to the charms of Las Vegas and recorded a song about the city, titled “Sin City”. The song depicts the sense of luxury, the unique atmosphere, and the variety of entertainment that attracts visitors to Las Vegas casinos and nightlife. Brian Johnson makes countless references to rolling dice, bright lights, and “diamonds and dust”, hinting at the fact that Las Vegas is located in the middle of a desert. The famous singer took a break for a few years to deal with hearing issues but returned in 2020 and is raring to go.

Ooh Las Vegas by Gram Parsons

The song depicts a player’s connection with Las Vegas, of mixed emotions. The song describes a player’s conflicting feelings towards the risk and luck involved in playing at a casino, and how they never know if cards are going to be on their side or against them.

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

This is perhaps the most representative song when it comes to music about poker. Although it wasn’t written by the late Kenny Rogers, it was he who popularized the song in the late 1970s. For poker fans, the references are clear and easy to identify, since the lyrics talk about the ability to read the game and to know when to stay put or when to join the action.


Ace of Spades by Motörhead

Released in 1980, this is not only Motörhead’s most famous song but also helped to establish the band’s image. The song is so popular it has been featured in several articles listing the best songs in the history of rock.

While the song is titled after one of the highest cards in a deck, its lyrics revolve around the idea that gambling is more than winning or losing. Ultimately, Lemmy sings about the feelings involved in betting and how playing can be rewarding regardless of the outcome.

Easy Money by Billy Joel

The lyrics tell the story of a man who is passionate about betting and throughout the song several gambling games are mentioned, such as slots and craps. Additionally, Joel demonstrates confidence in his choices, as he is eager to join the game and take a chance at winning. It’s fair to say the impact he has had on music and culture is huge.

As the online casino continues to increase in popularity, it’s likely that gambling will continue to be a source of inspiration for musicians across the world. Games such as poker have created celebrities that are known across India due to their prowess in the game, so the industry is certainly in a rude state of health across the country.

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