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Y film is a Telugu language thriller movie directed and written by Baalu Adusumilli. The film stars are Raghu Babu, Akshay Chandra, Rahul Ramakrishna, and Gemini Suresh. It had produced by Yerukonda Raghu Ram, Srinuvasu Vegi, and Murali. Music had composed by Vikas. This film had delivered in the ott stage it is spilling on the Aha.

Film Plot

This film rotates around Raghuram (Sriram) who is the top chief in the business. In the business, so many are attempting to go along with him as right-hand director.  In this film, he wedded a young lady, and one day his significant other is realizing that he engaged in extramarital relations with another young lady. By realizing that to his better half she called her parents and she demands to request that her Parents written all property in his name. By writing the property in her name Raghuram feels extremely irritated at her. He had written and directed a movie that was the biggest flop and all media had written bad critics on him and so he mentally distributed. His wife and his friend hire an Assistant writer and that is easy for you for writings. But he said his PA (personal Secretary) and he wants to know good writers in the Telugu industry. When Balu first introduction to Raghuram he narrates the solid story to Raghuram and he accepted his Balu story. And later this story had implemented on his wife. Raghuram and Balu had killed Raghuram’s wife.

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Y Full Movie Download

This film is streaming on the aha app.  If you need to watch this film by having required a membership to this application. This must-watch film by watching this film you will get some fervor by watching this film.

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