Maari 2 Full Movie Download, Songs, And Lyrics

Maari 2Full Movie Download, Songs, And Lyrics

Maari 2 Movie Overview of Technicians

Maari 2 Full Movie Download, has a predictable screenplay, a don who is betrayed and is going rogue after his friend will become his foe. This could have been yet every other boring gangster flick void of amusement or action, but Balaji saves it from carrying its first part’s legacy by tossing in lovable sentiments and a few twists to spice it up. Dhanush’s acting within the second half deserves a spherical of applause, it’s pleasant not to show any spoilers.

The chemistry of Dhanush-Sai Pallavi largely works because of the actress’s attitude to her function of Anandi. Robo Shankar-Vinoth even though appear at some point in the film have a little comical scope, probably too much changed into expected. Tovino is brilliant, maybe it’s tough to appearance him as a good-looking villain. Krishna’s character is too predictable.

Another power in Maari is Yuvan’s music, Rowdy Baby and Anandhi is choreographed both – visually and music sensible brilliantly. Maari2 has all the substances of a good film, still once more lacks the X-aspect to carry out higher due to its predictable first half. Still, it’s a lot higher than the first component which had little to offer.

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Maari 2 Movie Trailer

The trailer tells the curious of elements in the movie Maari 2 and the relation between Sai Pallavi and Dhanush. Especially The super hit song attracts the audience to move to theatres. The song was Rowdy Baby in this song those performing very well.

Maari’s Aanandhi Song Lyrics – Maari 2(Telugu), Maari’s Song Lyrics Are Written By Samrat, Maari’s  Song Lyrics Sung By Ananthu , M M Manasi. Music is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Directed By Balaji Mohan starring Danush, Sai Pallavi. And also, Click Here Maari 2 Movie Download Tamilrockers.

Maari’s Aanandhi Song Lyrics:

Kalale Nijamauthoo
Kathaga Modalayye
Kadile Nimishanne
Manakai Daachindi
Kanti Papai Ninu Nenu Kaachukunta
Cheera Kongai Dhachukunta
Nannu Malli Manishalle Marchesave
Unna Pranam Needantu Raasichane..
Raaraa Kougitlo
Chera Nannu Yele Veeeraa
Ye Ye Ye
Raade Nidhurinka Raave
Naa Pancharaaraa

Ye Y e Yey
Gundello Raagam Saaginadhi
Mouname Premai Paadinadhi
Ninnallo Leni Nemmadhidhi
Nee Valle
Naalo Cherinadhi
Nammakam Neela Thodainadhi
Janmako Ardham Dhakkinadhi
Oohake Oopiri Posinadhi
Ooyalai Nanne Mosinadhi
Urime Naa Kopam
Vennelaindhi Nee Kosam
Madhuram Mana Bandham
Intiperu Anandham
Hayigunna Nannu Naa Numdi Maaya Chesi
Nuvve Laagaave
Kalale Nijamauthoo
Kathaga Modalayye
Kadile Nimishanne
Manakai Daachindi
Vechaga Nuvve Dhari Cheri
Hatthukunte Vadilesthaaale
Ee Morotodu Neeketta
Nachadante Chinna Navvoti Visiresi Dhaatesthave…

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