Reasons To Watch Suriya’s NGK Movie In Theaters

Reasons to Watch NGK Movie

NGK is going decent in the Box Office even after the negative response from the Audience. This is all because of Suriya & Sai Pallavi. Also, Rakul Preet Singh has played a very important role in the movie. After watching the movie, here we have come up with reasons to Watch NKG movie.

Suriya’s Performance 

There’s no doubt that Suriya performance in the movie is out of the box. Even after the poor direction, Suriya’s performance is one reason why NGK movie has managed to entertain the audience. Suriya has done great work with his character NGK. He also inspires you on how you can be the change to develop your country.

In fact, if you are Suriya’s fan, you will definitely love his dialogues and his action scenes in the movie. For those who haven’t seen Suriya’s movie will also like his action in NGK.

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Sai Pallavi

Every movie Sai Pallavi works in, is impressive. In NGK Sai Pallavi is playing Suriya’s wife and how she motivates him is quite impressive to see. On the other hand, the writers have done a great job with Sai Pallavi’s dialogues. This is not the best of her performance, but according to the Story, Sai has done a great job that makes the movie worth watching.

Action Scenes

If we talk about South Indian movies and Suriya, the action is one of the reasons why people watch the movie. Even in NGK, the action is up to the mark. Especially the scene where NGK’s party president send his local goons to kill Suriya.

Rakul Preet Sing

Rakul Preet’s appearance in the movie is for a very short period of time but had done it perfectly well. She is playing a PR strategist role in the movie and the way she has executed her role is quite impressive. On the other hand, her looks and smile in the movie will definitely make you Aww.

The above are the top reasons to watch NGK movie. If you think that we need to add more reasons to watch NGK, please let us know in the comment below.

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