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A highly ambitious man visits Mumbai with the notion of ruling the city. He turns into a local gangster and manages to become a powerful businessman; however, his intentions are not what they seem.Movie Review: A film like “Businessman” is a cause for celebration, simply because it does away with forced comic interjections in the narrative. For once, the comedy in a mainstream Telugu flick is all situational without being slapstick. The humor is dry and loaded with sarcasm, taking pot shots on everything under the sun, but does the job nevertheless evoking peals of laughter. Kudos to director Puri Jagannath for coming up with those lines.This Movie directed by Akash Puri Jagannadh

Businessman Movie Lyrics in English

Sandamaama navve sandamaama
manchu bomma nee manase ichhukomma sandamaama
sathya bhama nuvvunte chalu lema
kanneerai jarakooo..oh..oh..eeoo
alladi potha..oh..oh..eeooo
oo bhavree o bhavre..rathhaviravaravaraa

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Hoyamma nee kantolina ye chemma
raninu nammave gumma..neekosamunnade janmaa
o yamma… sandehamendukoyamma
na gunde kosi chudama nee bomme untadoyamma..aa
ooohhohoo eeoo..kannullo daacha …oohohh eeeoo

Guche butta bomma ooge poola komma
nanne kattukomma chuttu chuttukomma

Ooo….kalalenno kannane..
koolchesi vellakooooo…ohhohheoo
gundaagi pothaa…oohohh eeoo

Sandamaama….yeah…navve sandamaama
manchu bomma..nee manase ichukomma
sandamaama..yeah…nadiche sandamaama
sathya bhaama..nuvvunte chaalu lema

Ohhh…kannullo daachane….kannerai jarako
ohoh..eoooo..allaadipotha..ohoh eeoo

guche butta bomma ooge pula komma
nanne kattukomma chuttu chuttukomma


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