Will ABCD Be the First Big Hit For Allu Sirish

Will ABCD Be the First Big Hit For Allu Sirish

Coming from a family full of actors, directors, and producers, Allu Sirish has good knowledge about the Telegu movie industry. Allu Sirish has worked in a lot of Telugu movies but was not able to create a mark for himself. The actor has great views about his latest offering and has fingers crossed Will ABCD Be the First Big Hit For Allu Sirish.

The movie ABCD is a remake of the famous Malayalam movie ABCD and the actor has to say,

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Allu Sirish’s words about his movie:

“I don’t want to try anything new. I don’t want to be in that zone of breaking monotony. Personally, I like family dramas and love stories. And, my last movie Okka Kshanam didn’t work out for me,” Allu Sirish says ahead of the release of ABCD – ‘American Born Confused Desi’.

The actor further adds he resembles the character he is playing in the movie and also recollects a few words said by his father and mentor Allu Arvind. “I was raised seeing people riding sports cars in Jubilee Hills. I thought maybe, I can also get such a car. I’m thankful that my father didn’t give in to my demands. He told me he would give a few lakhs of rupees and asked me to earn the remaining money myself to afford my dream car Mitsubishi Outlander which even later I could not afford. By the time I could afford it, I learned how hard it is to earn money”.

The question still remains that Will ABCD Be the First Big Hit For Allu Sirish as he is putting all the effort and hard work required.




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