Thakur Anoop Singh’s Udgharsha Movie Review – A Movie With Good Story But Poor Narration

Udgharsha Movie Review

Udgharsha is a multilingual Kanada Movie which is also released in Telugu and Malayalam language. In fact, the movie is an action thriller film about a man who is looking for his kidnapped Girl Friend. During the journey, he comes across some facts which lead him to fight to someone close to him. Below in this article, you will find Udgharsha Movie Review.

Udgharsha Story Review

Udgharsha Full Movie story is about Aditya (Thakur Anoop Singh) intends to propose Rashmi (Sai Dhanshika) at a party, but everything goes upside down when one of the guests at falls upon the dead body of Menon (Kishore). During the fight, Rashmi goes missing and Aditya makes it his quest to find her.

Later, Karishma (Tanya Hope) helps Aditya to find Rashmi. Aditya comes to know that Rashmi is being held in Madikeri and he starts his journey to free her. Aditya’s troubles don’t end there, as he and Rashmi become persons of interest in the investigation into Menon’s murder. Will Aditya save Rashmi from the villains? Did they have anything to do with the murder? To know the actual suspense please visit the nearest theatres and watch this action thriller film.

There is a lot of twist in the story, but because of the poor narration, the story does not get a proper execution.

Udgharsha Actors Performance Review

Thakur Anoop Singh as a lead has given the best performance, but due to lack in narration, his acting does not connect with the film. Whereas, Rashmi does a decent job as a supporting 2nd lead. Both Anoop and Rashmi look good as a couple in the big screen.

Other supporting characters have does a decent job in the movie. Whereas, Tanya Hope’s character plays a very important role in Udgharsha. Also, other actors like, Kabir Duhan Singh as Dharmendra has done a very decent role in this movie.

Positive Points

  • Sunil Kumar Desai’s Direction
  • Actors Performance
  • Good Storyline

Negative Points

  • No Songs
  • Minor flaws in Storyline

Udgarsha Verdict

Udgarsha has all the entertaining elements that are connected with the films and keeps audiences entertained with enough twists. But there are also some flaws that the narrative lags at times and could have been kept tight to keep audiences intrigued. If the suspense thriller films are in your list then Udgharsha is worth a weekend watch.

This is our Udgharsha Movie Review and would request to share your thoughs in the comment below.

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