Keerthy Suresh Movies

Keerthy Suresh Movies

Name: Keerthy Suresh

DOB: Oct 17, 1992

Industry Worked: Tamil Movies, Malayalam Movies, Telugu Movies

Keerthy Suresh Movies, Keerthy Suresh is one of the leading young actresses who is known in Tamil, Telugu & Malayalam Movie industry. She debuted as a Child Actress in the year 2000 under her father’s Production movie Pilot. After her first movie, we saw her again in 2001, Achaneyanenikkishtam & then Kureban in 2002. She Debuted as a lead actress in 2013 in Geethanjali & later she worked on big hits like Ring Master, Idhu Enna Maayum, and more. Apart from acting, she is also known for her Voice & she did her Music playback debut in Saamy² (2018).

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Keerthy Suresh Movies: (Filmography)

Upcoming Movies:


Keerthy Suresh Movies, This upcoming Kollywood movie will release ion 7th November 2018. This movie is about a businessman getting in a political battle for the goodwill of Fishermen in Tamilnadu. This Movie features Keerthy Suresh & Vijay as the lead role, where we will see Vijay fighting against 2 politicians. This movie will release in 2019 & the real date is yet to be confirmed.

NTR: Kathanayakudu:

NTR: Kathanayakudu - 2019

We all know about NTR and this movie is the biography of the legend. This movie is one of the most awaited movies & it will show the life of our later ex-Chief Minister, Taraka Rama Rao Nandamuri. This movie features great actors like Rana Daggubati, Nandamuri Balakrishna, Vidya Balan, Keerthy Suresh, Prakash Raj, and more. There is no official announcement made on the release date of the movie, but it is expected to release in 2019.

Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham:

Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham - 2019

This movie an upcoming Biopic of  Zamorin of Calicut who was given the title of Kunjali Marakkar. He was a Muslim naval chief & this movie is about his story and his daily life.


Agnyaathavaasi: Prince In Exile:


Keerthy Suresh Movies is one of the best Pawan Kalyan movies of 2018. This movie is about a rich Indian Businessman Vindha Bhargav (Boman Irani) who sees how everyone including his friends and family are against his money  & once day he gets to know about his Sons death. The movie becomes interesting after Pawan Kalyan’s (Abhishikth Bhargav) entry who is Vinda’s first son. We see how he manage to enter into his father’s company and later acquires the seat of CEO & rule the company. Later we see how is run the company as per his fathers will & also makes everyone united.

Thaanaa Serndha Koottam:

This movie is a Dub of Famous Bollywood movie Special 26. In this movie, you will see Iniyan (Suriya) who pretend to be a CBI office and gather people to con & rob a Bank.


Mahanati - 2018

As the name suggested, this movie is a Biopic of Savitri, one of the known Actress from South India. She is the one who has ruled the South India Cinema industry for two decades during the 50s and 60s.



Saamy Square is a movie about a fearless cop, Ramasaamy (Vikram) who trust in Justice more than the Laws.  We see that he had lost his family at a very young age & is looking to take revenge and tries to track down all the culprits. Later in the movie, he gets to know that Ravana and his brothers were behind his families death & his hunt for them begins. This movie is full of action and has an amazing story.

Sandakozhi 2:


This Tamil Action drama movie is written and directed by N. Linguswamy.  This movie is a sequel to the successful Sandakozhi which was released in the year 2005 & this movie carries the incident after 7 years. In this movie, we see Durai Ayya (Rajkiran) & his son (Vishal) protecting women from a villain looking for vengeance. This film features Vishal, Keerthy Suresh and Rajkiran in the lead roles and has Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Soori in other pivotal roles.



This movie is about a man named Bairavaa who wors as a recovery agent. During an occasion, he meets Keerthy Suresh & fall in love with her. Later in the movie, we see how he help Keerthy against a villain who runs a fake institute.

Nenu Local:

Talking about Nenu Local is the traditional love story about a guy who falls in love with a girl. He has a happy-go-lucky personality, who gets in trouble while convincing the girl’s father.

Paambhu Sattai:


This movie is a story about a young man who is in desperate need of money. Due to his poor family condition, he gets engaged in a fraudulent money laundering racker & since then his life gets ruined.


Nenu Sailaja:


This movie is a mix of comedy and action. This movie is about a DJ  Hari (Ram-Pothineni) who always get rejected by girls. One day he meets Sailaja (Keerthy Suresh) in a hospital & starts getting attached to her.

Later in the movie, we see a Rowdy visits Shaiaja’s office to threaten her friend & to help her she calls Hari & from there the love story begins.

Rajini Murugan:

Rajini Murugan - 2016

This is another love story of Rajini Murugan an unemployed youth boy falling in love with Karthika. Later we get to know that both the family had a huge debate in the past & due to the misunderstanding her father refuses their love. The story builds up after Rajini his grandfather’s property.


Rail - 2016

This is one of the best love stories which has a lot of twists and turns. This movie is about a Railway cafeteria worker Poochiyappan (Dhanush) who falls in love with a girl Saroja (Keerthi Suresh). During their journey, we see how the train drive collapses putting everyone life in danger. We see how Poochiyappan & Saroja saves everyone’s life by putting theirs in danger.



This movie is another story of a struggling actor who dresses up like a Nurse to get the Role in the film. Later we see how he get in love with   Keerthy Suresh & protect her from villains.


Idhu Enna Maayam

Idu Enna Maayam 2015

This movie is one of the best Kollywood movies in 2015 with a unique concept of a young struggling Artist starting a dating website called UMT. This movie feature Vikram (Arun) &  Keerthy Suresh in the lead role.  Later we see Santosh (Navdeep) a famous builder offers Arun ₹1,00,00,000 to help him date Keerthy, who turns out o be his ex-girlfriend.


Ring Master


This movie is a movie about a Prince (Dileep)working and a Dog trainer in one of his friend’s Clinic. Prince life changes after meeting Elizabeth who hires him as her dog caretaker. The actual fun in the movie starts after Elizabeth died, where she leaves her dogs with Prince. One of the Dogs gives birth to a puppy called Diana, who becomes a famous pet after working in a few movies.



Geetanjali - 2013

This movie is one of the known Thriller films in Mollywood industry. This is the first movie where we saw Keerthy Suresh debuting as the lead actress. Geetanjali is a story about a famous psychologist, Dr.Sunny who a mysterious supernatural problem faced by one of the known family

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